Nidda, Marriage, Mikveh, Love, Torah, Family Purity


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Nidda, mikveh, marriage, love, mikvah, niddah, family purity

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Nidda, Marriage, Mikveh, Love, Torah, Family Purity

The marriage and family is the building block from which the entire Jewish People is built." — the Rebbe

nidda, marriage, mikveh, Torah, mikvah
nidda, marriage, mikveh, Torah, mikvah

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nidda, marriage, mikveh, Torah, mikvah

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Nidda, Marriage, Mikveh, Love, Torah, Family Purity

"These laws draw true love and harmony into the home."

                                   — Rabbi Jacobs


Love, as achieved through adherence to Jewish family purity, can be likened to good wine, maturing through working together, building a common life.

It ripens by shared experiences, overcoming obstacles and raising children.

This is the idea:

"A man will therefore leave his father and mother and be united with his wife. They become as one flesh."


The key to harmony is the couple's understanding they must satisfy one another's spiritual, emotional, and personal needs.

This might require effort. It needn't be overnight. Sometimes, it is not a fast, rather an evolutionary process.

A marriage may begin in one style and develop into another. Building a life together and time create this unity called a couple.

How husband and wife should treat one another is, succinctly:


"The Talmudic sages directed the husband to honor and love his wife more than himself.

Any wealth gained should be used firstly for her benefit.

He must never use intimidation or coercion; always speak softly, never impatiently.

Similarly, the wife should honor him, even to the point of awe.

This true path of Jewish marriage ensures pleasant and wholesome families"                    

  —Book of Hilchos Ishoos 15:19, 20.