Nidda, Marriage, Mikveh, Love, Torah, Family Purity


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Nidda, mikveh, marriage, love, mikvah, niddah, family purity

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Nidda, Marriage, Mikveh, Love, Torah, Family Purity

The marriage and family is the building block from which the entire Jewish People is built." — the Rebbe

nidda, marriage, mikveh, Torah, mikvah
nidda, marriage, mikveh, Torah, mikvah

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nidda, marriage, mikveh, Torah, mikvah

(212) 655-9278

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Israel 6084000

Nidda, Marriage, Mikveh, Love, Torah, Family Purity

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"Feel free to write or call. I'm always happy to assist."

                                   — Rabbi Jacobs

Israeli cell or WhatsApp: 058-7921788

U.S. land line (by preschedule): (212) 655-9278

After 14 years (1998 - 2007) studying in the rabbinical school, Tomchei Temimim, Kfar Chabad, Israel, I served as Chabad Campus chaplain at Tel Aviv University.

I am ordained by the Lubavitch rabbinic school and by the head Rabbinate of Israel.

I completed studies as a rabbinic attorney. And, I am an Israel law school graduate, LLB.

Concurrent to the above (1992 - 2005),  I served as chaplain, at the rank of Major, in the Israel Prison Service (IPS).

Upon retiring, I published a memoir, the first book on this subject, about life inside the IPS: Coffee Melts Bars (also available in Kindle).

I authored the Two Kings, children's books series, certified and in use by the Israel Dept. of Education.

I've published ten non-fiction books on difficult areas of practical Talmudic law.

My interviews and articles appear in Jewish and mainstream media.

I am responding rabbi for numerous websites on Family Purity.

I'm playfully called head rabbi of Israel martial arts. (I think head grandfather is more accurate.)

I'm married to Miriam (PhD), the Director of Biblical studies at Beth Rivkah Seminary, Kfar Chabad. We have seven children.