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Nidda, mikveh, marriage, love, mikvah, niddah, family purity

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Nidda, Marriage, Mikveh, Love, Torah, Family Purity

The marriage and family is the building block from which the entire Jewish People is built." — the Rebbe

nidda, marriage, mikveh, Torah, mikvah
nidda, marriage, mikveh, Torah, mikvah

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nidda, marriage, mikveh, Torah, mikvah

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Nidda, Marriage, Mikveh, Love, Torah, Family Purity

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Lesson Summary

Stains are a Rabinic decree.

Location: The location that a stain is found indicates whether it probably (or not) was discharged from the womb.

Location, general: Most commonly, stains are found opposite the private area in the undergarment, toilet seat or bed sheet.

Purity Cycle: Though stains are a Rabinic decree, the purity cycle is exactly the same as for niddah which is biblical. Specifically, five minimum days, hefsek tahara, Seven White Days, preparation, immersion.

Dismissal: However, in general, because stains are Rabinic decrees judging them is through a spirit of leniency, within halacha.

Background to Stains

Multiple Choice Question

Chapter 2 - What Is Niddah?

Multiple Choice Questions

Chapter 6 - Seven White Days

Chapter 7 - Preparing For Mikveh

Chapter 5 - Making Sure Menstuation

Chapter 4 - Abscence Makes The Heart

Chapter 3 - Stains

Chapter 8 - Intervening Substances

Chapter 10 - Immersion

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Audio: Chapter 2


by Rabbi Jacobs

Audio: Chapter 2


by Rabbi Jacobs

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Purity Cycle - Overview

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