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The family unit is the building block from which the entire Jewish People is built.

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The Purity Cycle Overview

Audio: Chapter 1

(by Rabbi Matti Lyles)

Permission is granted and encourqged to download & disseminate these writings unaltered.

Chapter 1 - Perfect Marriage

From The Rebbe

Chapter 2 - Niddah

Audio: Chapter 2


by Rabbi Jacobs

Summary of above audio

Audio: Chapter 2


by Rabbi Jacobs

Summary of above audio


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For decades, I've had a passion about spreading Jewish family life.

It began with the publication of six books on practical Talmudic law, halacha.

Over time, I assisted development of numerous computer programs and websites serving an enormous worldwide community in English, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish and French.

But, I've created this site, specifically, for a purpose.

I believe that today knowledge is, and should be, free. Free to access. And freely understandable.

Though this site is under construction, it has a clear goal.

I want you to be able to find all of Jewish Family life questions answered here.

As we upload, if anything comes up, just write or call. (All calls and emails are anonymous.)

It's always my pleasure to help.

     ––Rabbi Fishel Jacobs (Kfar Chabad, Israel)

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