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The family unit is the building block from which the entire Jewish People is built.

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The Purity Cycle Overview

Audio: Chapter 1

(by Rabbi Matti Lyles)

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Chapter 1 - Perfect Marriage

From The Rebbe

Chapter 2 - Niddah

Audio: Chapter 2


by Rabbi Jacobs

Summary of above audio

Audio: Chapter 2


by Rabbi Jacobs

Summary of above audio


Thank you for visiting!

I support many Jewish family life projects. But, I've created this site to directly share my personal experience.

Four decades ago... I published six books on practical Talmudic law, then assisted production of numerous computer programs, and web sites and acted, until the present, as responding rabbi.

This site will be my conduit to be able to share what I've learned directly to you.

Feel free to contact me. It's always my pleasure to help.

     ––Rabbi Fishel Jacobs (Kfar Chabad, Israel)