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The family unit is the building block from which the entire Jewish People is built.

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"These laws draw true love and happiness into the home."

                                   — Rabbi Jacobs

Israeli cell or WhatsApp: — 058-7921788

U.S. Land line (by preschedule): — (212) 655-9278

After fourteen years studying in the rabbinical school, Tomchei Temimim, in Kfar Chabad, Israel —  1998 to 2007 I served as Chabad Campus chaplain at Tel Aviv University.

Concurrently — 1992 to 2005 — I served as chaplain, a staff-officer with the rank of Major, in the Israel Prison Service (IPS).

Upon retiring, I published a memoir, the first book about life inside the IPS, titled Coffee Melts Bars (also available in Kindle).

I am also the author of the Two Kings series of children's books.

I've published ten non-fiction books, including works on difficult areas of practical Talmudic law.

My interviews and articles appear in Jewish and mainstream media.

I am the responding rabbi for numerous websites that deal in Family Purity.

I'm married to Miriam (PhD), the Director of Tan"ach at Beth Rivkah Seminary, Kfar Chabad. We have seven children.